King Nyne is an upcoming Actor, Writer, Director and Recording Artist with a Diverse Catalog of blended Genres such as Rock, Hip Hop, Dubstep, RnB, Dance, Pop, Country, Electric, House, Reggae & Latin. With an open heart and an open mind, King Nyne pushes forward with a Unique sound not quite heard before. In an Interview King Nyne was asked why he pursues music and why he chooses to blend genres together verses sticking to just one? Also, why he chooses to use such a dramatic cinematic approach when filming his music videos? King Nyne replied, "I want to inspire the creative minds of the world who are chasing what appears to be a seemingly impossible Dream! I want them to know that it's okay to express yourself in any way imaginable! Don't be afraid to try! Don't be afraid to fail! Dare to be Different! Dare to Stand Out and be innovative and creative! Dare to be that person who gave the audience a captivating experience that inspired them to go out and explore their own dreams and passions! That is why I am an Entertainer, and that is why I Dare to be Different in my approach to Music and Cinematic videos!"

King Nyne is also very active in his community as he performs at a variety of charitable events such as Little smiles, Paws in the sand (for abused and homeless dogs), Cat's Meow (for abused and homeless cats) Toys for Tots, Feed a Family (for family's unable to afford a Thanksgiving Meal), Cancer Awareness and Domestic violence against women and children.

King Nyne wants to Captivate the world and Inspire all who Dare to join him on his journey, as he attempts to heal the World...One Song and One Film at a Time!

Copyright 2017 by George Lee

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