George Lee, a 16 year old High School student has chosen to take a stance  while motivating other teens and peers to speak up against bullying.  George liek many other teens have been affected by the growing numbers of teen suicide and teen violence that have been caused by bullying.
"Bullying is not what it used to be 40 or even just 10 years ago.  With social media facilitating this cowardly act, bullying has become an epidemic. An inescapable nightmare for many victims.  I was myself a victim of bullying.  So when I was asked by King Nyne to play the 'bully' in the music video for Living Inside the Rain, I must say it became a challenge.  I had to place myself in the shoes in those who bullied me.  I couldn't understand why anyone would want to hurt or destroy a person's life.

But taking this role I learned that bullies are individuals who come from broken up homes or they themselves are crying for help.  Working on this project with King Nyne gives me hope in trying to reach out to those who are being bullied and let them know that they are not alone. They don;t deserve this and their time has come for them to stand up and say S.T.O.P.- Enough because you are valued and are worth a lot.  Your life matters."


Copyright 2017 by George Lee

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